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Explore my art in Palma de Mallorca

Gallery Red is a famous art gallery in Palma de Mallorca/Spain. I’m very happy and proud to announce my gallery representation with Gallery Red. The artworks are exhibited in their classy rooms in Palma de Mallorca and exclusively available with Gallery Red. Explore all exhibited pieces also on Artsy - Astrid Stoeppel

Gallery RED is a contemporary art gallery, with 12 unique exhibition spaces that showcase their artists and their works available. It was founded by serial entrepreneur Drew Aaron, one of the top global contemporary art collectors and the number one collector of Spanish contemporary art

Location: in Plaza Frederic Chopin, the center of Palma de Mallorca, an area that has quickly become the hottest spot in the Balearic Islands’ art scene. Its focus is on the best contemporary art from established artists, such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat or Damien Hirst as well as top emerging artists

I’m very happy and proud to announce my gallery representation with Gallery RED. My artworks are exhibited in their classy rooms in Palma de Mallorca and are exclusively available with Gallery RED. Explore all exhibited paintings also on Artsy

spectrum miami 2016

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spectrum miami 2016

spectrum miami 2016: my artwork “colorful outbreak” acrylic on canvas, 80x100cm series colorful acrylics and the – switzerland/zug. see more about spectrum miami 2016 here

new artwork

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eternal colors!

new artwork: my new one „eternal colors!” acrylic on canvas, 80x100cm. more here on the saatchi art homepage

this artwork belongs to my series „colorful acrylics“. a series of strong colors on a white or black background. always the same colors in different movements fascinate me again and again. they reflect a part of me: clear, structured, but also always in motion. I really love to paint this series.

new limited edition 2015

fluid acrylics: new limited edition 2015 now for sale!

my emotional and colorful fluids are painted with acrylic colors on paper. with a special technique the colors merge – sometimes more, sometimes less. the original artworks are photographed by me. each fluid painting of the new limited edition 2015 is available as an original photo print under acrylic size 60x40cm, only original with a handwritten and signed certificate of authenticity on the back. buy here on saatchi art or get more informations here:

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northern lights! (#1) new limited edition 2015 60x40cm

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spirited fire! (#1) new limited edition 2015 60x40cm