Series Mirroring

Large statement paintings inspired by the well-known Rorschach images

Dive into a vibrant world of abstract art with a masterpiece that embodies timeless luxury. This colorful acrylic painting infuses modern minimalism with bursts of bold hues, creating a piece that speaks to the soul. Each brushstroke reflects the artist's passion and invites you to invest in a captivating journey of expression and creativity by Astrid Stoeppel

My inspiration: I’m obsessed with bold and powerful colors arranged in common geometric shapes. That’s me – clear and structured at work, but also always creative, curious, passionate, and a bit imperfect. I’m inspired by the color itself and adore its purity. Every individual color gets my undivided attention. My works are painted color by color. In this way, I fill the canvas step by step with dynamic vitality and structure.

My message: Time is moving fast, and our minds are strongly influenced by the media and social platforms. I want people to pause their thoughts, calm down, follow the lines, journey with the circles, gaze at the dots and color fields in my works, and feel the vibrancy and allure of pure colors and common shapes.

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