exhibitions – gallery

art miami 2019 – aqua art – alessandro berni gallery

4th – 8th december 2019


exhibition “viva i colori” as a part of the “italienische woche weilheim 2019”: see 13 unique fine art prints overpainted with acrylic colors.

oberlandsparkasse weilheim: 6th june – 28th june 2019


art miami 2018 – aqua art – alessandro berni gallery

6th – 9th december 2018


solo show blacklights – light art festival weilheim 2018


solo show landsberg 2018 company vivell

2th march – 20th june 2018


the other art fair brooklyn 2017 presented by saatchi art

9th november – 12th november 2017


basel 1.0 2017 with the artbox.projects


paris – france “woman’s essence” espace commines april 2017


weilheim – germany “colorful acrylics” august-september 2016

solo exhibition sparkasse weilheim

bergamo – italy “heart” lo-gallery may 2016


milan – italy “woman’s essence” hernandez art gallery april 2016

milan opening party: 1th april 2016 in the hernandez art gallery with “swirling colors!”


london – uk “contemporary painting” the brick lane gallery may 2015

london exhibition preview time: 13th may in the brick lane gallery london. exhibition „contemporary painting“ 14th-24th may 2015


rome – italy “international art expo rome” flyer art gallery november 2015

international art expo rome 2015: the flyer art gallery presents the art expo rome 2015 with three paintings of my series colorful acrylics

23th october – 4th november 2015
opening: 23th october 6:30pm


rome – italy “joyful colors 4 xmas” flyer art gallery december 2015 – january 2016

joyful colors 4 xmas: the flyer art gallery presents the exhibition joyful colors 4 xmas 2015 with three paintings of my series colorful acrylics

december 2015 – january 2016


florence – italy “experiments” galleria merlino bottega d’arte november 2014

exhibition “experiments” galleria merlino bottega d’arte: see some of my colorful fluid paintings in italy/florence

19th – 29th november 2014


weilheim – germany – selection of exhibitions 2014-2017

temporary changing exhibitions in weilheim/germany and huglfing